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Can I use this system with Essie or OPI nail polish?
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Is the shape of the nail going to be like that when you order them?
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How does this compare to the Formula X polishes for wear?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Can this be used with regular nail polish?
When I reapply after 5 days, do I take it off first and then do it? Or right on top of the existing polish?
Are these just like the press on nails we used as teens?

Ciaté London Corrupted Neons Manicure Set

What it is:A UV-glow neon nail kit. What it does: Welcome to the polish that never sleeps! This collection brings you the zestiest matte neon shades. Style your look by sprinkling glitter over wet polish for a sizzling finish and as the sun sets, light up the night with the afterglow top coat. With clear-on application, this clever polish soaks up the daylight and continues to glow in the dark.This set contains:Club Tropicana:- 0.45 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Cha Cha Cha- 0.45 oz Caviar Pearls in Club Tropicana- Mini Black Light TopcoatShout Out:- 0.45 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Electronica- 0.45 oz Caviar Pearls in Shout Out- Mini Black Light TopcoatMegaphone:- 0.45 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Big Yellow Taxi- 0.45 oz Caviar Pearls in Megaphone- Mini Black Light TopcoatFoam Party:- 0.45 oz Paint Pots Nail Polish in Boom Box- 0.45 oz Caviar Pearls in Foam Party- Mini Black Light Topcoat What else you need to know: The mini Paint Pot of black-light top coat transforms any color from regular polish into a jaw-dropping UV-glow look.
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Questions & Answers for Ciaté London Corrupted Neons Manicure Set

Is it difficult to remove the glitter with nail polish remover?
asked 3 years ago
(New York)
on Corrupted Neons Manicure Set
4 answers
answer 1
No, pretty normal.
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
(Chicago, IL)
answer 2
answered 2 years, 11 months ago
answer 3
No, but you have to use actual nail polish remover and cotton balls or whatever and not some of the alternative products that are sold.
answered 3 years ago
(Canaan, NH)
answer 4
Glitter polish comes off easily enough with regular acetone polish remover. If it feels like you're going to have to scrub to get it off, pour a little acetone polish remover into a bowl, soak your nails for about ten seconds and the glitter polish will start to wipe right off using one of your fingers.
answered 3 years ago
(Norfolk, VA)
Will the black light topcoat cause ANY polish to glow in the dark or just Ciate Neons?
asked 3 years, 1 month ago
(Washington DC)
on Corrupted Neons Manicure Set
2 answers
answer 1
answered 2 years, 11 months ago
answer 2
It will make any nail polish glow under a blacklight!
answered 3 years ago
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Black light nails
Looking to do some glow in the dark nails for Halloween, I see this set comes with a black light top coat. Any idea if you can buy the top coat separately? I don't need the other colors. If not, anyone know of a really good glow in the dark polish?
asked 2 years, 10 months ago
(Baltimore, MD)
on Corrupted Neons Manicure Set
0 answers
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