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Has anyone else used Peter Thomas Roth 10% glycolic hydrating gel? I'm wondering how this compares..
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How the heck do you get the bottle open?
Can I use this product in the morning?
This may be a silly question, but do you apply this only to the spots or to the entire face? Thanks!
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Would this help reduce the appearance of a scar on my stomach?

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

What it is:An antiaging face serum for youthful-looking skin. What it is formulated to do:This powerful Rejuvenating Serum reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles to promote a firm, youthful appearance. While supporting elasticity and helping to protect the skin from environmental damage, it infuses the skin with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and vitamins for a visibly healthier, more radiant complexion. What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates - PhthalatesWhat else you need to know:The Tata Harper Estate Grown Beauty Complex is a blend of five nutrient dense, organic herbs that is infused into each and every one of Tata’s hand-batched products. The five herbs-arnica montana, calendula, borage, meadowsweet, and alfalfa-are grown on the Organic Vermont Farm during the spring and summer months, then dried and housed all year long. The complex delivers oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients, supporting microcirculation and encouraging natural, healthy cell regeneration for radiant and glowing skin. Research results:In an in-vivo test on Spanish lavender: - 95% topically reduced wrinkle-causing muscle contractions after 2 hours In an in-vivo test on date palm extract: - 66% boost in antioxidant activity after 24 hours of use - 60% visual reduction of wrinkles after 35 days of use In an in-vivo test on menyanthes trifoliata: - 78% saw a significant reduction in the look of loose skin
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Questions & Answers for Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

Is this safe for pregnant women?
asked 2 years, 11 months ago
(Austin, TX)
on Rejuvenating Serum
3 answers
answer 1
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
answer 2
Yes, absolutely.
This company prides itself in creating all-natural products. Nothing here is going to cause any harm to you or your little one.
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
(Bellevue, WA)
answer 3
Absolutely. Tata made this line to be completely nasty free. She got really freaked out after her step-dad got cancer and completely "purified" her lifestyle and beauty routine. She used her products through all three of her pregnancies. No worries here! :)
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
Best organic anti age serum for 76 yr old
I'm looking for a serum that actually works for someone my age. My skin is just now starting to show signs of aging and I want to prevent further damage. I've had no work done, nor will I. I do work in front of the camera and on stage - my appearance is important! I let my hair go gray.........
asked 2 months, 3 weeks ago
(Sherman Oaks)
on Rejuvenating Serum
0 answers
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