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Tokyo Pop Brush Cup

Tokyo Pop Brush Cup

What it is: An adorable plastic brush cup in the iconic Hello Kitty shape, topped with her signature bow in hot pink. What it does: Dressed in black with frisky whiskers and a pink bow, this shiny cup holder is the perfect place to store your favorite makeup pencils and brushes. It’s also the perfect way to add a pop of Kitty cuteness to your vanity. What else you need to know: Hello Kitty returns with a new spring collection inspired by tales from her escapades in Tokyo. Welcome to the neon lights and popping brights of Hello Kitty’s latest collection Tokyo Pop. No color is safe from electrification.
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Questions & Answers for Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Brush Cup

Size? Dimensions?
How big/small is it? More specifically, what are the actual dimensions of the exterior of the brush cop (not the box)? Length = front to back; Width = left to right; Height = top of an ear to base. Thanks!
asked 3 years, 2 months ago
(New York, NY)
on Tokyo Pop Brush Cup
3 answers
answer 1
Ops! The "No" answer was desing to another answer, sorry.
Well, here are the measurements I just took from mine:
Lenght: 2,7"; Width: 3,5" and Height: 3,2" :)
answered 3 years ago
(Washington, DC)
answer 2
No :/
answered 3 years ago
(Washington, DC)
answer 3
i would estimate 4 inches tall
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
Does it come with beads?
Does it come with those small transparent beads that help keep the brushes in place?
asked 3 years, 1 month ago
(Toronto, ON)
on Tokyo Pop Brush Cup
2 answers
answer 1
no but its felt inside not plastic, its the lining
answered 2 years, 11 months ago
(Edmonton Alberta)
answer 2
No :/
answered 3 years ago
(Washington, DC)
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