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Is it good for dry skin??
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Good for skin damage, scars...or retinol?
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this vs. sk-ii essence
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For someone who has dry skin, would you recommend this or the Hungarian water essence?
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Ole Henriksen Roll On Acne Clearing Solution

What it is:A powerful spot treatment used to combat stubborn acne and prevent future breakouts. What it is formulated to do:This potent, non-irritating blemish fighter rapidly clears breakouts and kills bacteria that breed future breakouts as it unclogs pores and absorbs excess oil. The therapeutic formula calms and nurtures the skin, reducing redness and irritation. What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates - Phthalates
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Questions & Answers for Ole Henriksen Roll On Acne Clearing Solution

Is this good for adult acne?
I know that teenage acne that you get during puberty and early teens are different compared to adult acne that you get in your late 20s and on. We get it for different reasons and different treatments are recommended. So, I was wondering if this is good for adult acne and it's not too drying.
asked 2 years, 1 month ago
(Burbank, CA)
on Roll On Acne Clearing Solution
4 answers
answer 1
Yes it is. I highly recommend it.
answered 2 months ago
answer 2
Yes, it is effective for adult acne without being too drying.
answered 4 months ago
answer 3
I'm almost 44 and this works great for those occasional
breakouts. Love it!
answered 1 year, 8 months ago
answer 4
I've found it pretty decent at clearing up adult acne but it definitely has extreme drying power to it.
answered 2 years ago
(Palm Harbor, FL)
Hormonal break outs?
Does this help reduce the size of, or prevent, hormonal cystic break outs as well?
asked 2 years, 1 month ago
(Chicago, IL)
on Roll On Acne Clearing Solution
3 answers
answer 1
Yes it definitely reduces them but unfortunately doesn't prevent the breakouts.
answered 2 months ago
answer 2
Yes it works very well for my skin. I love it very much
answered 11 months ago
(Alexandria, VA)
answer 3
I have used this for hormonal acne in the past, and in my opinion it worked pretty well. The two primary acne fighting ingredients in any anti-acne product are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Most products only contain one or the other, but this product uses both, so you get twice the power!
answered 1 year, 1 month ago
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