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Time To Shine™

Time To Shine™

What it is: A six-piece Buxom® Big & Healthy™ Mini Lip Collection. What it does: This luscious lip collection has multiple finishes and shades to keep you center stage shimmering and sparkling Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polishes and creamy, glass-smooth Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Creams. Lacquer and layer them up to create your perfect pout. With the refreshing tingling sensation plus vitamins A and E, lips are soft, smooth, and ready for the spotlight.This set contains:- 2 x 0.07 oz Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream in White Russian (nude pink), Berry Blast (vivid fuchsia)- 4 x 0.07 oz Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sugar (original/ rose beige), Katie (original/ pale pink), April (diamond/glimmering icy pink), Gina (diamond/ glimmering hot pink) What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petrochemicals- Phthalates
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13 Answers
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4.786 out of 5
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Questions & Answers for Buxom Time To Shine™

Is it sticky?
Does it feel sticky on the lips?
asked 3 years, 1 month ago
(San Francisco)
on Time To Shine™
11 answers
answer 1
I don't think so at all. I love Buxom glosses.
answered 3 years ago
answer 2
My answer is no, it is thick, but glides on, lasts quite awhile, but isn't that gloppy sticky texture.
answered 3 years ago
(Seattle, Wa)
answer 3
no - just dont over apply
answered 3 years ago
(minneapolis, mn)
answer 4
This is NOT sticky! It's fabulous...smooth and slick.
answered 3 years ago
(New York, New York)
answer 5
Yes, I have to say, it's sticky. It's not like a chapstick-type feeling, which to me is waxy; and it's not a slightly slippery feeling like a lipsmacker.
answered 3 years ago
(Royal Oak, MI)
answer 6
No not at all. Believe me if they were I would not buy them because I cannot stand sticky, gunky lip glosses. And so many of them claim to not do that but they still do......I think you'll be happy with these. Plus the value is a plus!!
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
(Bakersfield, CA)
answer 7
The Buxom glosses have a very smooth texture that does not feel heavy on your lips. It has a great amount of shine and sheer pigment.
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
answer 8
Slightly, but not enough to bother you.
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
answer 9
No, but that can be such an individual thing. The Buxom Plumper's are thicker but I don't find them sticky. I know what you mean, I end up wiping those brands off and giving to girlfriends that think they're great. Have you used Buxom Big Stick with the gloss? Again not sticky but for me gives a lot more color for more of the day and I only need to apply the gloss a couple of times after lunch etc. hope this helps...
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
(Canada & USA)
answer 10
They're not sticky for lip glosses... maybe a little tacky, but not gooey. They're in the middle, not too thin and liquidy, and not too thick. Once they're on for awhile, they kind of soak in and feel more like a chapstick.
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
(Montgomery, AL)
answer 11
Not sticky at all.
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
(Sacramento, CA)
will you be getting any more of these in stock? the time to shine six piece mini lip collection,
Would like to purchase!
asked 3 years ago
(Temecula, CA)
on Time To Shine™
1 answer
answer 1
I agree... get more and keep them in stock. So hard to find! Love to stock up to maintain, but in this economy???? It's irresistable not to want to hoard it when found.
answered 3 years ago
(Las Vegas, NV)
Will this be back in stock before Christmas?
I am looking for this product. Do you think it will be back in stock before Christmas? Thanks
asked 3 years ago
(Massillon, Ohio)
on Time To Shine™
1 answer
answer 1
Please don't address these kinds of questions to other customers. How the heck would I know what will be coming back in stock? If you're getting a lot of these types of questions Sephora needs a separate question section that your staff can try to answer.
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
(Anamosa IA)
When will 6 piece buxom lip collection be back in stock?
asked 3 years ago
on Time To Shine™
0 answers
This question currently has no approved answers.
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