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What is in this concealer that makes it an "acne solution"?
what color should i purchase to match HD #117?

BECCA Dual Coverage Compact Concealer

What it is: A split-pan compact containing two concentrations of the same concealer shade for customizable coverage.What it does: Ensuring a flawless match with every application, this dual-sided concealer holds two separate formulations. On the left is a super heavy duty, slightly drier consistency to cover anything from blemishes to scars and birthmarks. On the right side is a slightly more sheer, creamier formulation of the same shade, ideal for under-the-eye areas and blending over larger areas of the face. Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.
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Questions & Answers for BECCA Dual Coverage Compact Concealer

How do I determine which color
I have fair skin, although have always used "medium" with Bare Essentuals and it is a great match - My skin tone is on the pink side, not yellow - suggestions?
asked 1 year, 6 months ago
(Plymouth, MN)
on Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
2 answers
answer 1
I use Bare Minerals Medium Beige. I have some yellow undertones but see more pinks when I am pale. I think the praline will work nicely for you. The dual-compact also comes with two different types of coverage and I find the full-coverage one in the Praline to have slightly more pink hues in it. --- hope this helps!
answered 2 months, 1 week ago
(Philadelphia, PA)
answer 2
Same for me- I use the medium/ dark coverage option. It blends well with my skin. I tend to use the darker for really inflammed red blemishes & the medium shade for under eyes & scarring. I think you will be pleased with this product.
answered 1 year, 4 months ago
(Mabank, TX)
This product came highly recommended on a review site that ferrets out the worst from the best and tends to pay special attention to ingredients that can cause irritation. That's why I'm so disappointed to read that this product has fragrance!! Who's sniffing underneath your eyes and your zits that it needs to smell good??
asked 8 months ago
(Miami, FL)
on Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
2 answers
answer 1
I will say, I'm not jazzed on that. All though, I have yet to actually smell the concealer (so it's not giving off a powerful scent).
I hate that "fragrance" is just some random ingredient that always seems to end up in cosmetics for no apparent reason BUT I sort of feel like I've been living my life this long surrounded by "toxic" things and it hasn't killed me.... Yet.
But it does a great job at concealing, I will say that. So for me personally I look the other way so that I can cover up a blemish or two and feel confident in my skin. I hope you find a concealer that's just as good but without the mystery ingredients.
answered 4 months, 3 weeks ago
(Orlando, FL)
answer 2
I think I know which site you're talking about and honestly, that site doesn't really have a good scientific background based it's claims upon. First, ANY ingredient (including mineral powders that are so-called natural) can cause contact dermatitis or a true allergic reaction. In fact, natural ingredients are often the culprits because they're often more concentrated and purer, which means they can be stronger. Obviously, it's your choice to buy or not buy a product based on any review, but I just wanted to point out that a fragrance in a product isn't a deal breaker in terms of safety, efficacy or product making responsibility. Also, to further answer your question from a technical side, the fragrance in this isn't listed as a common irritant in any EPA or chemical watchdog site except the one you saw it on.
answered 5 months, 3 weeks ago
(Santa Barbara, CA)
Hi how can I choose the right shade ? Sephora store near my town doesn't have it his product . I have medium skin tone , Ii use Chanel 42 beige rose
I have brown eyes , brown hair . I would really like to try this product ! Thanks
asked 1 year, 6 months ago
(Newport , RI)
on Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
1 answer
answer 1
If you go to Becca website, they is a color matching guide that can help you, or you can also "ask an artist". I did this when I was trying to make a decision and the color they recommended was perfect for me. I hope that this helps you.
answered 1 year, 6 months ago
(Los Angeles, CA)
The weight of the product in the Sephora's description is 0.1oz, while Becca's website has it as 0.7oz for the same $38. Is 0.1oz a mistake?
asked 1 year, 6 months ago
on Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
1 answer
answer 1
Hi there - it actually says 0.10oz on the container itself when you open it. I use it every day and have had it for over 2 months now.....and I think I still have enough to last me another month...hope that answers your question!
answered 1 year, 2 months ago
(Toronto, ON)
I'm using the MUFE HD concealer in 315 (Ivory). Which shade should I go for?
asked 1 year, 1 month ago
on Dual Coverage Compact Concealer
0 answers
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