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show stopper vs rain forest vs energy noir? Need a travel palette! I'm fair- med colored,brown eyes, like natural / subtle smokey-smudgy looks.
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What kind of brushes would be the best for this product?
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How many ounces is the lipstick?
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are both sides magnetic?
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Colour Preview Collection

Colour Preview Collection

What it is: A six-piece collection for eyes, cheeks, and lips tucked inside a colorful graphic-print-lined cosmetic bag. What it does: This classic cosmetic bag holds everything you need for a great new look, plus limited-edition shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips. The kit also comes with a get-the-look card with Laura Mercier's professional tips for naturally smooth skin, brilliant eye color, healthy cheeks, and lush lips. This set contains: - 0.09 oz Eye Duo in Sandstone/Cognac - 0.13 oz Citrus Spark Second Skin Cheek Colour - 0.2 oz Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara- 0.11 oz Grapefruit Gel Lip Colour - 1.0 oz Foundation Primer - Double-Ended Ponytail/Eye Colour Brush- Zippered cosmetic bag
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Questions & Answers for Laura Mercier Colour Preview Collection

How is the $163 value calculated?
Why is this set worth $163? Six items @ $27.16 each. Really? It is a value @ $35. $5.83 for each sample size item.
asked 3 years, 3 months ago
on Colour Preview Collection
3 answers
answer 1
I redid the math and this is what this contains and the exact retail price.
This set contains: - 0.09 oz Eye Duo in Sandstone/Cognac (full size) - $22
0.13 oz Citrus Spark Second Skin Cheek Colour - (full size) $24
0.2 oz Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara - $12- half size. Full size is 0.4 oz@$24
0.11 oz Grapefruit Gel Lip Colour - $18.81. Full size is .14 oz@$24
1.0 oz Foundation Primer $18.82. Full size is 1.7 oz@$32
Total for cosmetics=$95.63
Total cost for Full Size cosmetics if purchased separately $126.
$67.37 is the value for the mini double ended eyeshadow brush and small nylon cosmetic bag.

- LM Full Size Ponytail/Eye Colour Brush $30.
I own this full size LM brush and the LM mini double ended brush and also a double ended hourglass eyeshadow brush from the hourglass eyeshadow duo@$38. The full size LM is much better; hands down.

So I guess the mini brush and small nylon bag are worth about 2/3 of the value of the cosmetics. It is obvious the "retail price" of the mini brush and nylon cosmetic case is inflated to give an illusion the kit is worth more than it is. LM doesn't need to do that in order to sell this combo set. An honest "retail value" price listed will still sell this. Is dishonesty in advertising expected and accepted?
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
answer 2
The brush is certainly small (though surprisingly good quality and this coming from a complete brush snob) but the lipstick and blush are full sizes. The eyeshadow duo is the same as a full-sized single shadow. The blush and eyeshadow duo can be put into a LM pan palette like any others you would buy from the line. While the primer is a sample it is very large, at least half of a regular LM primer if not more. I know her products can look small compared to some other brands but her packaging is compact and easy to store/travel with.
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
(Columbia, MD)
answer 3
the value that is calculated comes up like this:

for example, the primer in FULL size retails $32 for 1.75 ounces. You can look it up on here. That means that each ounce costs $18.29 (price divided by ounces). In this kit, the primer is 1.0 ounce, so primer in this size is $18.29. Do this for all the products, and you should $163 (but factoring in the value of the bag, which I'm not quite sure what that is)
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
(Lancaster, PA)
How long is brush?
asked 3 years, 3 months ago
on Colour Preview Collection
2 answers
answer 1
It is a few inches long and good quality.
answered 3 years ago
(Oswego, NY)
answer 2
from brush tip to tip, 5 inches.
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
(Lancaster, PA)
Permanent Shades
Will any of these shades be added to LM's permanent collection?
asked 3 years, 11 months ago
(Oakland, CA)
on Colour Preview Collection
0 answers
This question currently has no approved answers.
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