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Recent Question:
Is there any ingredients in here that would make this product unsuitable to use on your face?
Recent Question:
Can this be used on your face over make up?
Recent Question:
I had today a pixel laser treatment on my face. I want a mineral sunscreen that wont irritate my skin in anyway. Which one do you advice me to choose
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Why is Octinoxate 7.5% in a Mineral sunscreen?
Is this water resistant? If yes for how long?
Is there any ingredients in here that would make this product unsuitable to use on your face?
StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++

StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++

What it is:A moisturizing sunscreen that helps to reverse signs of aging while preventing future damage. What it is formulated to do:This daily treatment moisturizer delivers StriVectin's patented wrinkle fighting ingredient NIA-114, plus broad spectrum protection from the sun's UVB (SPF 30) and UVA (PA +++) rays. Its sheer, non-whitening texture is ideal for layering over StriVectin-SD. What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- PetrochemicalsWhat else you need to know:Practice safe sun 365 days a year with this oil-free moisturizer.
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Questions & Answers for StriVectin StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++

How old should i be to use this product?
asked 4 years ago
(Montcalir, California)
on StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++
1 answer
answer 1
I don't know from your question how old you are but you are never too young to use sunscreen and using this "age protect" product can't hurt. I don't know if your question is regarding using sunscreen in general or switching to a sunscreen that is marketed to help protect your age. Personally, I figure that any sunscreen that is 30+ and blocks UVA and UVB rays is an "age protection" product because those rays are what damage your skin and help to age it. I see that you live in California so I would not consider sunscreen as optional for you. If you don't already, use a sunscreen daily! If you only do one thing to your face in the morning to get ready, it should be to put on sunscreen. I work in surgery in Illinois and I can't tell you the number of skin cancer cases I have seen. Anyone reading this that doesn't use sunscreen daily, do yourself a favor by starting to use sunscreen now and never stop. That said, there are several good ones to choose from. I personally use this StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++ daily and love it. I also use Sheisedo's Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55 PA+++ for when I need even more protection (like going to the beach on vacation.) Since you live in California, you may want to use the Sheisedo 55+ SPF for daily use. Sheisedo has a 1.2 oz tube for $19.50 and a 2 oz tube for $35, compared to Strivectin's $49 for a 2 oz. I had stocked up on the Strivectin when I first found it and didn't try the Sheisedo until later. I only have one of the little bottles of Sheisedo 55+ so that's why I save it for sunnier times. Since I like both, I may switch to the Sheisedo for daily use when I run out of the Strivectin, since it is cheaper.
answered 3 years, 11 months ago
(Mackinaw, IL)
What does non-whitening texture mean
in the description it says "non-whitening texture" meaning???
Does this product contain Retin-A
asked 3 years, 6 months ago
(Hagerstown, MD)
on StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++
0 answers
This question currently has no approved answers.
Use in place of Strivectin Moisturizer?
Do I use this independent of the Strivectin Moisturizers or in addition to them? If only using this after the serum, will it give me the same anti-aging effects as the moisturizers?
It's not clear to me at this time.
And, I assume this is for all over, not just the face, right? Thanks
asked 3 years, 10 months ago
on StriVectin-SH™ Age Protect SPF 30/PA+++
0 answers
This question currently has no approved answers.
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