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ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set

What it is:A four-piece travel-size haircare kit. What it does:Cultivate smooth, sleek, frizz-free hairwherever your travels take you with this kit that combines strengthening pure organic bamboo extract with smoothing organic Kendi oil. Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Anti-Frizz Conditioner, Kendi Pure Treatment Oil, and Anti-Humidity Hairspray work together to improve the overall look and feel of your hair by banishing split-ends and taming frizz. This set contains:- 1.35 oz Anti-Frizz Shampoo- 1.35 oz Anti-Frizz Conditioner- 0.85 oz Kendi Pure Treatment Oil- 1.5 oz Anti-Humidity Hair SprayWhat it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Dyes- Phthalates- GMOs- TriclosanWhat else you need to know: Both ingredients are highly sustainable, ethically traded, eco-certified, fair-trade compliant, and certified organic. Their production and sale aids in supporting the development of local communities while remaining environmentally friendly. This product is also free of sodium chloride, gluten, TEA, and phthalates. Color Hold® technology retains and protects color.
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Questions & Answers for ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set

is this safe for color treated hair
I have color treated hair that I flat iron every day and wondered if this product is safe for color treated hair?
asked 3 years, 2 months ago
(Lebanon, PA)
on Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set
6 answers
answer 1
Alterna Bamboo Smooth products are safe for color treated hair, in fact, they have a special property that helps protect your hair & maintain your color. I have very chunky blonde highlights with an auburn red color underneath & my color stays more vibrant than with any other system I have ever used. This is also the best anti-frizz product(s) I have ever used . I love everything about the Bamboo Smooth line!
answered 1 year, 6 months ago
(Louisville KY)
answer 2
I flat iron my hair and it seems to restore its luster. My hair seems smoother and shinier since I've been using this product.
answered 2 years, 8 months ago
(Tampa, FL)
answer 3
Your fine! I have color treated hair and if anything it makes it even healthier!
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
(Seattle, WA)
answer 4
Yes, there is no reason you can not use these products for your chemically treated hair. I think they really help!
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
(Menomonee Falls, WI)
answer 5
Yes, it is sodium and sulfate-free and includes Color Hold® technology, which retains and protects color.
answered 2 years, 10 months ago
(Boulder, CO)
answer 6
I have had no trouble using this on my color treated hair (just have to cover the grays around my part mostly). In fact, the combo of shampoo, conditioner and oil have made the hair feel healthier.
answered 3 years ago
(Charlottesville, VA)
I have chemically treated blonde hair with highlights, howeverer my scalp and skin are oily. would the Alterna bamboo smooth products (cont. below)
such as the shampooo, conditioner and kendi oil, worsen the oily scalp? These products appealed to me for their anti frizz properties, which is a problem in the humid climate i live in.
asked 3 years, 4 months ago
(long grove, il)
on Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set
5 answers
answer 1
I live in a humid climate as well and found these products lacking. I prefer Agave Smoothing Trio
answered 1 year, 1 month ago
(Gulf Shores, AL)
answer 2
I'm originally from a humid climate (now I'm in the high desert), and I found that the Bamboo products are great for either climate zone! I brought them with me on a trip back east and they worked just as well for me there, where I tend to have more oily skin and scalp.
answered 1 year, 5 months ago
(Durango, CO)
answer 3
I  have very frizzy, long hair with blonde highlights and my scalp is VERY oily. (Greasy is more like it!) However, I have found the Bamboo Smooth products have actually HELPED control the excess oil. The shampoo cleans very gently and effectively. The conditioner helps with the shine and softness but does not seem to help much with tangles. BUT--The Kendi Oil is the best ever! It is such a good mult-tasker & it has never made my scalp oily. I actually use the oil on my hair when it's wet as a detangler, I just put about a nickel size amount in my hands & rub them together. Then I gather my wet hair like I am pulling it back for a ponytail and work the oil all the way down to the ends. I don't use it on my roots when my hair is wet. Then I proceed with blow drying, flat-ironing, hot rollers, etc. Once my hair is styled/dry;  I use the oil again, this time about the size of a dime. I rub my hands together & just use my fingers to comb it through & "spot" treat my hair where it needs additional frizz control.  Another bonus about the Kendi Oil is when you are rubbing it on your hands before you put it on your hair it's a great treatment for dry skin/cuticles. And it smells wonderful! It's like silk in a bottle! And always remember-- Sephora has an awesome return policy so keep your receipt & if for some reason this doesn't work for you then take it back. Alterna Bamboo Smooth products have made me proud to wear my hair down again instead of a bun or ponytail all the time. I haven't even tried the hairspray that came with it because I am so happy with my style after using the shampoo, conditioner, & the golden elixir called Kendi Oil! I highly recommend!! 
answered 1 year, 6 months ago
(Louisville KY)
answer 4
I think this would be a great product for you to use. Most conditioning oils should be applied to the ends of your hair, not the scalp area. So if your prone to oiliness on your scalp, the kendi oil wouldn't be coming into contact with it. Plus this is conditioning your hair not necessarily adding more moisture to your scalp. I have chemically treated hair as well, and I really feel this worked for me, especially during humid months.
answered 3 years, 2 months ago
(Palm Desert, CA)
answer 5
I would think everything would be OK except the Kendi oil maybe try a teeny bit on the tips. I have very similar hair but the ends get dry and frizz, this stuff is the best product I have ever used.
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
(Pacific Northwest high in the mountain's)
Does this work on very fine, dry, colored treated hair?
Have baby fine, colored treated hair. Is this product work? If not, do you have any suggestions?
asked 1 year, 3 months ago
(Kingfield, Maine)
on Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set
3 answers
answer 1
I have fine, treated hair, and this is awesome. Makes hair soo soft and even with the oil, does not weigh hair down..just makes it smell amazing!
answered 1 year, 1 month ago
(Digby, NS)
answer 2
I found that it did not work well at all. I prefer Agave Smoothing Trio.
answered 1 year, 1 month ago
(Gulf Shores, AL)
answer 3
kendi oil is a very good supplement to your hair. the hairspray is easy to use and never sticky. the shampoo and conditioner do not dry out your hair.
answered 1 year, 3 months ago
(kaneohe, hi)
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