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Does it work for straight hair?
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Is this okay to use on colored hair?
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Is this product good for really curly hair?
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Questions with Most Recent Answers
Curly hair?
Does this product leave your hair with shine or is it a matte finish?
What does this product smell like (dose it smell good)
What does this product smell like?
Is this product good for really curly hair?
Curl Conscious Holding Foam

Curl Conscious Holding Foam

What it is:A styling foam that adds structure and flexible, durable hold for curls. What it does:This foam keeps curls together regardless of heat or humidity. It's a must for anyone with naturally or chemically treated curly hair.
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Questions & Answers for Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam

Will it work on wavy hair?
I have medium weight past the shoulder length hair that is more combination texture that is wavy with curly around the hairline and lots on the under section at back of neck. I'm looking for something that could take away the frizz when air dried and bring out more of my natural texture and even out the textures. Would this foam or the spray of this product work? Thanks!
asked 5 years, 3 months ago
on Curl Conscious Holding Foam
11 answers
answer 1
Yes! My hair is wavy/curly, not full on curly. I can put this in, air dry, and not be frizzy. I try to not run my hands through until my hair is dry so I don't yank out the curl or make it frizzy too. I always get compliments and comments about how people "wish my hair would do that"
answered 4 years, 8 months ago
answer 2
Definitely think this will help with frizz - and not just for curly either as I've got a mix of waves and curl too; definitely gives some shine and "clumping" (keeping the curls together) to hair instead of having all those frizzy little pieces fly out everywhere.
answered 4 years, 9 months ago
answer 3
This is my holy grail of hair products. I apply when my hair is still slightly damp. Bend over and apply scrunching my hair and getting volume from being upside down. Gives me the perfect look I'm looking for.
answered 4 years, 11 months ago
(SW Michigan)
answer 4
My hair is short and wavy but this product really eliminates frizz and keeps my hair from "misbehaving" al day!
answered 4 years, 11 months ago
(Schaumburg, IL)
answer 5
Go online and watch the Bumble and Bumble video. It shows proper application...and I think it should work for you if you use it properly.
answered 5 years ago
(Minneapolis, MN)
answer 6
I have thick, wavy hair and I LOVE this stuff. I wash my hair at night (with the curl conscious shampoo and conditioner), towel dry, then apply this stuff. When I wake up I have nice waves/curls. It definitely helps control my frizz/poof and it adds definition making my waves a little closer to loose curls. I tried the spray and it didn't do anything for me. I would stick with the foam!
answered 5 years ago
(Southern CA)
answer 7
I use both this foam and the spray. It sounds like you have far more curl than I do, so I think they will both work well for you. Having said that, the reactivating mist is the better value. It's easy to work with, a little of it goes a looong way, and it adds moisture to the hair. Most wavy/curly hair is on the dry side. Just spray a light mist over your hair and scrunch it a little. Frizzies will be gone, and your beautiful waves and curls will shine! Anyway, the foam is a bit sticky, and you will go through the can in no time with shoulder length hair. I have a short bob and nearly emptied the can after only 6 uses. I would definitely give the reactivating mist a try if I was you!
answered 5 years, 1 month ago
(Lyme, CT)
answer 8
I think it would work on your will tame frizz and make your hair looking healthy.
answered 5 years, 1 month ago
(North Hollywood,CA)
answer 9
I think this product will do wonders for what you're looking for. I've never had a bad hair day using this stuff. It's miracle in a can for my curly hair.
answered 5 years, 1 month ago
(SW Michigan)
answer 10
Absolutely will work on wavy hair. Mine is wavy/curly and it's perfect. Haven't found anything to work like this.
answered 5 years, 2 months ago
(SW Michigan)
answer 11
You would do better with a Ouidad or Curlisto product.
answered 5 years, 3 months ago
Which styling product for what type of hair/curl?
There are 3 Bumble and Bumble styling products for curly hair, how are they different? Defining Creme, Holding Foam and Calming Creme.... what product goes to what type of hair?
asked 3 years, 10 months ago
(New York, NY)
on Curl Conscious Holding Foam
2 answers
answer 1
I haven't tried the calming cream, but have used both the holding foam and defining cream for fine hair. Between those two I prefer the holding foam. The defining cream make my hair oily by the end of the day and seems to weigh my hair down, even though it's for fine hair. The holding foam is a miracle worker for me. A little goes a long way! The first few times I used it it made my hair oily and crunchy. Now that I figured out how little I need I only need to wash my hair every other day. I can get up the following morning and just run my fingers through my hair a little and walk out the door. I've never been able to skip a day of washing my hair before.
answered 3 years, 6 months ago
(Berkeley, CA)
answer 2
The holding foam is for medium to thick hair, with medium to larger size curl.
The other products are for thin hair with smaller curls, that tend to get frizzy. Anyone with larger sized curls should always use a foam or mousse product.
answered 3 years, 10 months ago
(Santa Clara, CA)
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