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Does this brush shed a lot? Is it good for bronzer?
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Does it work well with other BM foundations?
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Would you recommend this over the angled brush #49?
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Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

What it is:A makeup brush with curved edges and super-soft bristles designed to pick up and deposit just the right amount of color on the cheeks.What it does:This award-winning Blush Brush has been updated with a more rounded brush head and softer bristles. Cut at an angle, the bristles hit the entire apple of the cheek, leaving the perfect amount of color.
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Questions & Answers for Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Would this brush be necessary if you already have the powder brush?
I haven't bought either this brush or the bobbi brown powder brush--yet. I'm planning to invest in new beauty products soon. And I just wanted to ask those of you with experience. Is the powder brush sufficient for blush, or is this brush really necessary in addition just for blush? Thanks!!
asked 2 years, 8 months ago
(columbus, oh)
on Blush Brush
4 answers
answer 1
I do not own the powder brush YET, but I can tell you that his blush brush is amazing! I personally don't like powder brushes for blush b/c I don't think you have the kind of control needed with one. If you get this brush you will not regret it!
answered 11 months ago
(New York, NY)
answer 2
The powder brush is nice and tapered for swirling on powder under the eyes, around the nose, the plain of your forehead, the contour of the chin...the blush brush is only for the cheek. Though I suppose it could also be used for powder, bronzer and highlighting, it is PERFECT for blush. For me, the application is quick and easy and gives me exactly the results I'm looking for, so I appreciate having both. I try to take good care of my brushes so I think it will last a last a long time (at least 5-10 years) and be a good investment. Hope this helps.
answered 1 year, 7 months ago
(New Orleans, LA)
answer 3
In a pinch, you can use a powder brush to apply blush as long as the head is not too big.
answered 1 year, 11 months ago
(New York, NY)
answer 4
I work with cosmetics and from personal experience I used to have only one brush for bronzing, blush, and foundation powder. However, now I have a brush for each specific use. You don't want to mix the colors of your blush and your foundation powder. Also, the foundation powder blush covers more surface area which can overdo the amount of blush applied on your cheeks. I recommend that you have different brushes for different usages. It really does make a difference with your make-up routine. Also, what ever you apply on your face will be true to the color of the product if you don't mix your products with the same brush.
answered 2 years, 7 months ago
(Niles, IL)
What should I do about this brush shedding?
I just purchased this brush and it is shedding pretty bad, will this stop once it is used more?
asked 8 months ago
on Blush Brush
3 answers
answer 1
My suggestion to you is to return and request for a new one.
Mine tends to "NON-STOP" shedd.
I have tried cleaning up the brush using brush cleanser spray, and those weakly bonded bristle tend to shed during those cleansing process. And those next in line to "Good Brushes" tends to stop shedding after 1~2 times of cleansing. However, if it doesn't stop even after 5 times of cleansing, it's a bad brush. Manufacturer's error.
In addition, try not to use the "Water type cleansing" to reduce the shedd as water tends to the oppostie. (Not unless you know the correct way of cleansing the brush)
answered 4 months ago
(Seoul, South Korea)
answer 2
You should wash this brush before ever using it. Make sure you use a proper brush cleanser and dry the brushes properly so that you don't damage it. It should not be shedding to the degree that you are describing.
answered 8 months ago
(Bakersfield, CA)
answer 3
Definitely return it! I have had my brush for over a year now and have yet to have a single bristle fall out. If your brush is shedding, either exchange it or return it. I'm surprised your brush is shedding which is really unfortunate. Most BB brushes are made pretty well.
answered 8 months ago
(Austin, TX)
why is this $60?
This retails at $52 at and other retailers, why is it $60 at sephora? hope this is a typo.
asked 9 months ago
(Colorado Springs, CO)
on Blush Brush
2 answers
answer 1
It's probably the Canadian price on the Sephora site and the American price on the other ones that you've looked at.
answered 3 months, 2 weeks ago
answer 2
It's listed as $52. Perhaps,there could have been a typo on the day you viewed the item. If you are still viewing as $60, i think it's best that you send Sephora an email :))
answered 4 months ago
(Seoul, South Korea)
Are Bobbi Brown brushes made of synthetic fibres only/cruelty free?
asked 2 years, 3 months ago
on Blush Brush
1 answer
answer 1
This is a natural haired brush.
answered 1 year, 11 months ago
(New York, NY)
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