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Is this better used on dry or wet hair?
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How are you supposed to use this?
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is this good for oily hair?
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How would this work on a bob?
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Is this safe for color treated hair?
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Curly hair?
Is this better used on dry or wet hair?
What does this product smell like?
Will this make hair crunchy?
What does this product smell like (dose it smell good)

Ouidad Clear Control Pomade

What it is:A water-soluble finishing aid to smooth, hold, and define curls.What it is formulated to do:Ouidad Clear Control Pomade delivers conditioners and humectants to calm frizzy, fly-away hair and seal in hydration. It works wonders to enhance thin, fine, and dry hair-creating soft, shiny curls. A blend of vegetable proteins and holding polymers remove the stiff feeling common to styling products. For optimal results, use with Ouidad styling gels for added hold and shine or use as a finishing touch to define curls. What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Phthalates
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Questions & Answers for Ouidad Clear Control Pomade

apply on wet or dry hair?
I like to make my curls funky but cannot fidn something light but with a hold.
asked 6 years, 3 months ago
(rockmart, ga)
on Clear Control Pomade
9 answers
answer 1
Definitely dry.
answered 4 years, 7 months ago
(Lumberton, NJ)
answer 2
I use a diffuser until my upside down head until it is 3/4 dry, or until I see the strands just starting to separate (try to catch em before that happens) Then flip, put dime size in palm, rub in hands, hold hair at nape of neck, with the other handcup the ponyail and run hand down to the end. Then cup (dont finger through your curl) the rest from hairline down to ends to distribute rest evenly. flip and take ends and press to scalp a few times.
answered 5 years, 3 months ago
(Detroit, MI)
answer 3
I highly recommend trying a little bit out on damp hair. When I air dry after using this my normally thick, frizzy, unruly hair dries soft, shiny, and manageable. Hope this helps!
answered 5 years, 3 months ago
(San Francisco bay area, CA)
answer 4
Apply to dry hair only! This doesn't have much hold, so you will want to use it after you've already styled with gel or mouse and your hair is completely dry. It adds shine a definition, and softens any areas that dried crunchy but does not add significant hold.
answered 5 years, 5 months ago
answer 5
I'm the kind of person who hates having hard hair but just like you I like to have hold also thats why I got the Ouidad Control it helps with frizz and leaves it would soft amazing curl so i would deff get it..GOOD LUCK!!
answered 5 years, 9 months ago
answer 6
This product is for dry hair to make it soft instead of crunchy. To style your hair when it is wet, I would suggest the Playcurl mouse if your hair is wavy, or the Tress Effects of Climate Control gels if your hair is frizzier or curlier. These are all Ouidad products.
answered 5 years, 11 months ago
(Pittsburgh, PA)
answer 7
I dont suggest this product.But I do suggest Freddric Fekkai.Especially his curly hair products,they make your hair soft but keep curls defined.Everything from the shampoo to styling cream is w-o-n-d-e-rf-u-l !
answered 5 years, 11 months ago
(South Florida)
answer 8
apply to dry. it does what it says, my hair is thin but curly and I apply it after I use the gel once its dry to break up the crunchy hair strands and make it softer.
answered 6 years ago
(St. Peters, MO)
answer 9
This ends up being really light if you put it in when your hair is wet. I have also tried it with my hair dry, but I think my hair ends up being a teeny bit crunchy. I might also be using too much product when my hair is dry. I do love the whole line though.
answered 6 years, 2 months ago
I've been wondering about Ouidad for a while..
Is it really worth the money? I have mixed-african american hair. and it's very thick. Anyone out there with natural hair tried this product with success? Can you share your stories with me?
asked 5 years, 4 months ago
(Los Angeles, CA)
on Clear Control Pomade
3 answers
answer 1
Love Ouidad. I have used the shampoo and styling products for many years. I prefer in-shower conditioner and deep conditioners by Jessicurl, but haven't found better styling products than Ouidad. I have thick, coarse and tight curls - caucasian, but have been told that my curl pattern is closer to african american. I use Ouidad Climate Control shampoo, Jessicurl conditioner, Ouidad Moisture Lock, Ouidad Climate Control, and Ouidad Clear Control. I suggest that if you can find a Ouidad certified salon near you that you invest in a cut and style to see the product in action. Good luck!
answered 4 years, 7 months ago
answer 2
I absolutely love Ouidad. The shampoos are mild and won't dry your hair out, the conditioners are creamy, rich and very nourishing, but no better than a lot of salon formulas. I do use and like the shampoos and conditioners, but they aren't necessarily worth the extra cost. What I can't live without is the moisture lock leave in conditioner and climate control gel. I mix them half and half and apply to towel dried hair. Absolutely fantastic. Most other products I've tried for my curls are either too heavy/greasy and leave my hair looking stiff or dirty, or they are absolutely no help if it is at all hot, humid or windy. I also like the pomade for adding shine and last minute frizz control after my hair is dry. If you haven't tried at least the climate control gel, you should. Totally life changing.
answered 4 years, 8 months ago
answer 3
Yes! Ouidad products are worth the money. I am mulit-racial with semi-thick kinky curly hair. I've been using Ouidad for a year and my hair is in the best condition it's ever been in. It's lightweight, non-sticky, and makes my hair bouncy. I've used all kinds of products and they either don't work or leave my hair crunchy or greasy... Ouidad really works and doesn't make my hair greasy or crunchy.
answered 4 years, 11 months ago
(Nashville, TN)
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