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more explaination on the 3 different formulas
Recent Question:
What happened to the old instant moisturizer???
Recent Question:
How is this for combination skin. My skin has been known to breakout with some products
Recent Question:
Is this comparable to the cerave moisterizer
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Would this product be used before or after serums?
About how long does a jar last with nightly use?
Night-A-Mins Cream vs Oil. What's the difference?
Intensive Moisture Therapy

Intensive Moisture Therapy

What it is:A rich emollient cream designed to repair and firm fatigued skin.What it is formulated to do:Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy nourishes and soothes dry, damaged skin, helping to restore elasticity and vitality to complexions that have undergone physical or environmental changes. It provides superior moisture, renewing skintone, texture, and youthful radiance.What else you need to know:This paraben-free complex is the ideal antiaging solution for stressed skin, offering gentle yet effective treatment that delivers smooth, healthy results.
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Questions & Answers for Perricone MD Intensive Moisture Therapy

intent of product -combination skin
Hi, I just received this product in the mail and have used it for two days now. The skin on my face feels very dry and tight. In fact, it looks that way. Is this supposed to happen? I am considering returning it but wanted to ask this question first. Thank you.
asked 7 years ago
on Intensive Moisture Therapy
3 answers
answer 1
Return it. Why should it do that? Try REN Moisturizing Day Cream, it really hydrates, plumps, and has no added chemicals, plus the container keeps air from getting in it so you always have fresh product.
answered 4 years, 2 months ago
(Franklin Lakes, NJ)
answer 2
Are you using too much? You could try the same application method I used. Total of a dime size or less applied with four dots, one each to the farhead, cheekbones and chin. Smooth on quickly, so not 'cake' on the product. We have a home watersoftner, salt water. Pat dry your face, wait to apply. Good luck.
answered 4 years, 6 months ago
(Las Vegas)
answer 3
that's how it feels like to me also--it soaks in but i feel no suppleness--
answered 6 years, 9 months ago
is this the replacement for the "face lipid replenishment" ?
asked 7 years, 6 months ago
(Los Angeles,CA)
on Intensive Moisture Therapy
1 answer
answer 1
I wrote to Perricone headquarters and asked what happened to the Phosphatydl-E cream. They said this is it. I don't know; it smells and looks completely different, but I have used a jar and it's okay. I liked the "old" version better but this is still good.
answered 5 years, 9 months ago
(Boston MA)
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